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Photograph the Festival

Each year the International Festival and The Morton Charitable Trust join forces to award an emerging photographer the role of Festival Photographer. This is a unique opportunity giving the photographer unparalleled access to the International Festival, going behind the scenes and all over the city to capture the dynamic character and experience of the event in August 2017.

Good quality photography is one of the cornerstones of the International Festival’s visual identity. By capturing all that happens through strong, sophisticated and impactful images, the International Festival Photographer aids the organisation by representing the inspirational artists and cultural experiences that it presents. We are looking for a photographer who can capture images that communicate with energy the experience of the International Festival.

The position allows the photographer to develop their contacts with a range of media outlets, artists, venues and agencies throughout the International Festival period, providing a strong launch pad for their future career in the profession. The role is for an emerging photographer based or studying in Scotland and is supported by a £3,500 award.

The successful candidate will work closely with staff to capture all aspects of our events, giving them access across the International Festival to artists, staff, rehearsals, audiences and events to bring together a rich portfolio of images. The photographer will explore behind the scenes - attending rehearsals, capturing social events, documenting artists in the city, and witnessing first hand the work that goes in to making the International Festival happen, as well as capturing the audience experience and buzz across the city.

The International Festival Photographer’s work is showcased through online galleries on our website, with their work also promoted through our official FacebookFlickr and Instagram profiles. An exhibition of their work is mounted each autumn at The Hub, Edinburgh’s Festival Centre.

Our 2016 Festival Photographer, Mihaela Bodlovic photographed artists including Cecilia BartoliSigur RosCherry JonesNatalia OsipovaAlan CummingScottish Ballet, and Barry Humphries, as well as countless other backstage and front of house moments. The results of Mihaela’s work are showcased in her exhibition at The Hub, which runs through summer 2017 and is free to attend. 

Reflecting on her experience as Festival Photographer, Mihaela said: ‘Working for the Festival provided me with really valuable experience and allowed me to develop and showcase a wide range of skills. Having an interest in how images are used online and through social media as a way of sharing both personal and collective experiences, being able to capture how a whole range of people experience and take part in the International Festival was a fantastic opportunity through which I met and photographed an amazing spectrum of people and places, which the Festival could then showcase and share online’.

Speaking about the role, Fergus Linehan, Festival Director commented: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for a photographer looking to gain experience in a new career. Not only do they have an access all areas pass, they have the chance to make relationships and grow their profile with a huge range of creative and exciting people taking part in the International Festival. We must thank The Morton Charitable Trust for their commitment in supporting this post, which benefits both the International Festival and the photographer hugely. We look forward to discovering another new talent and working with them to capture highlights of our 70th anniversary year’.

The Festival Photographer is supported by The Morton Charitable Trust.